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After a fantastic day full of excitement and fun, the winners are here! The first THK Golden Cup stays in town, thank to Bernie Kunzler! Congratulations on winning the first place in our first ever tournament!

In a very close second, Bruss Turner! Congratulations boss! And to close our Top 3, Kent Richter! Congrats!

In Group B, with the highest score, Darrin Hummel takes the first place, followed by Kostas (2nd) and Marcucci (3rd).

In Group C, with the highest score, Joseph Turner takes the first place in his very first tournament! Congrats buddy on following his dad's steps! In second place Antonino Camillo, and David Kindschi closest the group with a close third!

Congratulations to these amazing players and everyone else who participated, see you in the next one!

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